Refund and Returns Policy

Our Policy:

Your Statutory rights state you have 30 days in which to return an item.

We ask you kindly to please inform us as soon as possible if you receive a faulty or unfit for the purpose product from us. Ideally within 7 days.

REFUNDS We refund your purchase price as soon as we receive your return.

If we have an issue with your return or the reason for your return we will contact you to talk through the issue and reach a mutually acceptable conclusion. If the issue is due to our mistake or a product not fit for purpose we will, of course, refund the full purchase payment including postage. We are consumers too and wish to resolve any issues as quickly as is possible.  We greatly appreciate  our customers and do not wish to cause upset to any one.   We will always treat you with respect, we are approachable and  friendly.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. This is our policy.  Your legal rights are unaffected.

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